FCS surfboard fins G5

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These fins are a good standard go to fin, with the G5 being the most common sized FCS fin around

When choosing a suitable set of fins to suit your surfing, the key is to take into account what kind of boards you will be surfing mostly, your style of surfing, the waves you surf and your body type.

The FCS G5 provides plenty of drive and hold on waves and can be used on a variety of boards and types of waves. The G5 is recommended for surfers between 65-80kg but can be used by all depending on there intentions and what they are wishing to achieve from a fin.

Fins as with surfboards are a personal preference the way a fin reacts to your style and level of surfing may be different to another’s.

3 fin setup
Medium sized fin
Ideal for travelling
Weighs- 3 fins 200g
Height - 116 mm
Base - 111 mm
Thickness - 6.6 mm
Surface Area- 869 mm
Rake- 35.5°
Nylon Material, Lightest Weight
OEM Product