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At OUTWANDERS we give you the best hammocks that you desire. Our whole parachute product range is hand-made by a talented team of skilled craftsmen with the highest quality of nylon parachute fabric. Each and every one of our hammocks is tested under extreme conditions, and passes strict quality control tests before it reaches to your hand. We can assure you that our hammocks is durable, elastic, breathable, and skin-friendly. 


Why Our Hammocks?

 MADE OF HIGH QUALITY STURDY MATERIAL Our hammocks are known for their quality and durability. Ultra strong, breathable and fast drying parachute material are used in the manufacturing process to ensure longevity, supreme support, reliability and convenience. 

PORTABLE HAMMOCK The lightweight and compact design of the double hammock makes this easy to carry when backpacking, camping or trekking. Each comes with an attached pouch for easy traveling, making it ideal as a travel bed!

PREMIUM USER-FRIENDLINESS Setting up this user-friendly outdoor parachute hammock takes just a couple of seconds. Even absolute amateurs can conveniently hang the amazing double hammock anywhere they desire. The quick dry material is another preferred feature by a many outdoor adventure seekers.

TREES STRAPS AND CARABINERS INCLUDED For your convenience, our hammock comes with 2 steel wire-gate carabiners and a set of Tree Friendly Straps. Both of these additional accessories come with a guarantee of strength and reliability.

RELAX ANYWHERE ANYTIME! We have size flexibility of Single & Double hammock which is the perfect relaxing support you would love to have on an outdoor excursion. The hammock itself supports up to 350kg of weight, making this ideal for one or two persons. Set up this bundle of relaxation in your backyard, beach, park, or during your hiking, trekking, camping, or backpacking picnics.


Outwanders Hammock

Dual Color Single Hammock

Ultra strong, breathable and fast drying nylon material to ensure longevity, supreme support, reliability and convenience.

What’s Included?

• Hammock with attached pouch • Wire-gate Carabiners • Tree-friendly Strap

Specification: Material : Parachute Fabric | Dimension : 8’10” x 4’ 8” (270 cm x 140 cm) | Weight : 2 lbs (0.9 kg) | Max Load : 550 lbs (< 250 kg)

*Built-in bug net model: Material : Parachute Fabric | Dimension : 8’6” x 4’ 8” (260 cm x 140 cm) | Weight : 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg) | Max Load : 550 lbs (< 250 kg) 

Dual Color Double Hammock

Double person, double the fun! Comes in larger size designed using supreme heavy duty triple interlocking stitching to ensure durability and love-making friendly. 

What’s Included?

Hammock with attached pouch Wire-gate Carabiners Tree-friendly Strap 

Specification: Material : Parachute Fabric | Dimension : 9’10” x 6’6” (300 cm x 200 cm) | Weight : 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg) | Max Load : 770lbs (< 350 kg) 

*Built-in bug net model: Material : Parachute Fabric | Dimension : 9’10” x 6’6” (300 cm x 200 cm) | Weight : 2.7 lbs (1.3 kg) | Max Load : 770 lbs (< 350 kg)


Outwanders Parachute Hammock

More Than A Hammock

Parachute fabric material’s has unique qualities, as light weight, unequaled strength, and amazing compactness. This superior fabric will also see color fade much slower, even in direct sunlight. Outwanders hammock has a super smooth surface and a weight tolerance of 250 kg & up to 300 kg for our Double Hammock. This makes our hammock suitable for an adventurer’s trip or for daily use. This is the only Ultimate Hammock that you ever need!

Keep your feet off the ground!!!

hammock tree strapWiregate Carabiner

Free Hammock Accessories

Tree-Friendly Straps allow for a completely adjustable suspension system that is ideal for a quick setup or take down of your hammock. It comes with two pre-knotted, so there are no complicated knots to tie!

You can use the tree protectors to hang your hammock from any mounting point, sharp or smooth. The strap won’t damage the bark of a tree and offers better grip on smooth surfaces.

Wiregate Carabiners are made of hot-forged light alloy. Hence, it’s lighter, less susceptible to freezing, and because of the reduced mass, less susceptible to gate whiplash.

There is a lot going on-carabiners are getting loaded, ropes are stretching and getting tight, things are bouncing around. The reduced mass of a wiregate carabiner alleviates this.


Outwanders Hammock

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